Whatever is said instead of being shown is lost upon the viewer

- François Truffaut -

Loescher Editore is an important Italian publisher since 1861 and is specialized in educational and school publications. This is Loescher business Web TV. After launching its educational video platform for schools, the publisher inaugurates a wide-ranging edited video and footage archive that enables editors, education professionals, media and advertising agencies to choose the copyright agreement that best fits their needs.
The Web TV videos could be used in a variety of ways, as:
  • within editorial contents (books, CDs, DVDs or web sites)
  • for documentaries, movies or TV programmes
  • to illustrate advertising material and professional presentations.

Video Copyright Purchasing System

Credits are the Loescher Editore business Web TV unit of purchase: each credit corresponds to 1 Euro. Credits determine the prices of videos, which are extremely contained:100 € per minute, both for footage and for edited clips.
Edited videos are available with an exclusive licence agreement valid for 5 years in a specific geographic area of reference, while video footage is available with a non-exclusive licence agreement and it’s unlimited. Those who wish to buy Loescher video copyrights have several options:
  • buy one or more videos individually
  • choose a predefined video package offer. All the offers can be found in this Offers page.

To see the videos’ prices you have to sign up to the platform. Registered users can use the ecommerce and download immediately items below 5 GB. Otherwise, the publisher deals with the order and send the videos to the client.

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