All subjects educational videos with exercises and lesson plans, subtitles and transcriptions

Loescher Editore has designed an educational webTV which broadcasts in streaming different kinds of videos that can be used at school or at home. It is intended to be used by students to practice and revise one or several subjects taking advantages of the video lessons with exercises, and to be used by teachers to download and employ the lesson plans related to the videos into the classroom. Interviews, movies and webTV programs help teacher to make learning enjoyable to the students.

All videos are broadcasted in streaming and users could watch them on demand, in every moment they like: they could be used with or without subtitles and most of them have a transcription and an exercise sheet.

HD videos could be easily watched with a projector or an Interactive whiteboard.

How it works

To watch the videos related to the owned book, the text has to be unlocked on Imparosulweb. Then, users will be able to watch and download the videos.

To watch for free ALL THE WEBTV VIDEOS users need to unlock the textbook on Imparosulweb, then register with the same username (e-mail) on

There is another way in which students and teachers can access to all the videos of the platform: they can subscribe to the website. Find out all the subscriptions here: Subscription Plans. Teachers could also ask their agents for a promocode, that allows them to watch all the videos for a 3 hours time.

B2B webTV

Loescher webTV owns a business website too, which broadcasts all the videos whose rights are offered for sale in Italy or abroad, with licence agreements that depend on the number of video credits and on the video intended use (educational sector or commercial sector). Find out here or ask for information to